Solar and Energy Solutions

At Power and Light, the needs of each client are quite often different, so it makes sense that a solution needs to be found and implemented for you, that works. That solution should cut your costs or enable your business further. It needs to be so workable that it is valuable to you.


Energy Systems can include multiple technologies such as Solar, battery storage and commercial generators. Despite that, design and implementation can be very simple and effective. In each scenario, the technology and systems need to meet your energy, capability and or cost-cutting goals.

At Power and Light, we recommend a solar, storage or generation solution that:

  • Has the capacity to solve your issue
  • Is suited to your location and environment
  • Meets or empowers your energy demands
  • High quality enough to serve you and get you a return on your investment
  • Protect you, your family or business from emergencies
  • Enables compliance


“What is the problem you are trying to solve?”