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Power and Light is a privately owned and operated business based in Townsville. We work across regional Queensland as well as the rest of Australia, helping to support the local economy and helping to create local permanant jobs. We understand the demands placed on equipment in remote locations around Australia and how key trustworthy support is.


Business Owner – Managing Director and Founder

I created Power and Light with a very clear goal in mind. To bring to bear my many years of “troubleshooting and project salvage” in the IT Infrastructure space and apply that to strengthening renewable infrastructure implementation.

I have always been motivated by a duty to help people and improve situations. From this, through my life, I have developed my guiding principle, “always leave a place better than you found it”.

I firmly believe that Duty is the highest motivation there is. Now I perform troubleshooting tasks in Australia and around the globe with my team.

Global Partners – Founder of J2J Structural Steel

Joel Anderson is the founder of Nuts and Bolts Contracting, LLC, and the company’s primary consultant, calling in other experts when needed. With over 46 years of experience, Joel knows every facet of the construction business, from bottom to top, inside and out.

Joel has provided successful services, both managerial and technical, to some of the biggest contracting corporations in the world including Hensel-Phelps, CH2MHill, Mero Structures, Metso Power and Mining, USDOT, USDOD, USCG, and USPS, as well as many smaller companies. In his words, “My greatest joy is helping people succeed in their endeavours, whether in business or in life, as these are symbiotic.”


We will meet with you face to face or over the phone to understand your unique goals, situations, current and future energy demands.

This will enable us to provide a specific energy recommendation to meet your needs and capabilities.

There’s no one-size fits all approach with us!


We only use top quality equipment , solar panels, inverters, batteries and components that are suitable to perform in harsh Australian conditions.

The products we recommend come with manufacturer warranties and guarantees.

With a range of brands and options we can find the best solution for you.


We recommend a unique energy system based on your individual situation, requirements and future needs.

The result is an energy system that achieves what you intended.

With so many component options, a one-size fits all package simply can’t compare.


We recommend all solar systems include online monitoring.

This enables our team to help you monitor your power usage, solar generation and give you advise to help you save money fast.


There are 2 families in separate dwellings on this 3-acre block and we were tired of the $1600 power bills. We had a challenging situation, we needed a 3 phase upgrade and a non-standard 5-6 kW DC system.

The install guys were an amazing group, doing a very tidy job, it looks great.

It is such a relief to not worry about running the pool pump/the hi-flow water bore/the 2 rain tank pumps/2 hot water systems/2 washing machines/3 fridges/2 freezers/ 2 a/c units.

Even with all this stuff running on a sunny day we are STILL exporting power, so glad we went for a 12.2kw AC Enphase solar system.

Micky Hynes, Doonan, QLD

We have a set of commercial buildings in Longreach Qld. Justin has set up solar at the properties and he is now building on this work by eliminating meters (where one property has two meters) and expanding solar to supply a new projects power needs.
Justin takes the time to understand the clients needs and is able to navigate through the power company’s systems to get the result.
Justin has project managed all aspects of our jobs including meter box and supply line upgrades.
Clearly Justin can deliver whilst other solar companies look too sales focused with a single product ( panels and an inverter ) only available.
Justin will get himself familiar with your whole business as it relates to power consumption then offer you a full package of services to reduce your overall energy cost.
Highly recommended!

Ivar and Matt Hunt


Power and Light is a member of the Australian Solar Council.

We only use Australian Clean Energy Council accredited installers.



Power and light has a number of long standing relationships with joint venture partners who have proven track records. This significant “realworld” experience is focused in a solution orientated way that gets a long standing result. Your investment needs to work for you, “as only fools know everything” collaboration is essential at the professional level.


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