Every household in Australia is faced with the reality of higher energy costs over the last decade. The deregulation of the industry that supposed to open it up to competition offering better service and prices to the end user (you), actually resulted in higher costs, and many would argue, worsening service.

Whatever the reason, it is clear that electricity costs for the normal household now consume an ever-increasing slice of the monthly budget.

The way out of this is an investment in technology to make your home self sufficient in terms of producing energy.

That may include;

  • Solar panels installed to the roof
  • where allowed – power generated from wind – small scale wind-powered generators are available
  • battery storage units to capture the power in high production times (such as the height of sunlight during the day) and provide it to your home later.

Finding the right mix of these elements, and others, as well as working out the scale that is appropriate for your use and budget can be a complex task.

Government incentives are sometimes available to offset the cost.


Power and Light will assess your needs, and provide you with the options that might be available to you. Once you have discussed your options and determined a course of action, we will install your tailored power solution, and then through a series of follow-ups, ensure everything is working as it should.

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