Micky Hynes – Doonan, QLD

There are 2 families in separate dwellings on this 3-acre block and we were tired of the $1600  power bills. We had a challenging situation, we needed a 3 phase upgrade and a non-standard 5-6 kW DC system.

AgWTbdi%Sd+eoIKwv1jPKQFollowing a long period of no activity from another solar company, we were signed up with we were approached by Justin and after an in-depth chat, we decided that Power and Light were the guys for us.

The personal, constant contact with timing updates is a BIG deal to us “mum & dad” solar system buyers and the phone calls and personal visits AFTER the job was completed and paid for was also a huge plus.

The install guys were an amazing group, doing a very tidy job, it looks great.

It is such a relief to not worry about running the pool pump/the hi-flow water bore/the 2 rain tank pumps/2 hot water systems/2 washing machines/3 fridges/2 freezers/ 2  a/c units.

Even with all this stuff running on a sunny day we are STILL exporting power, so glad we went for a 12.2kw AC Enphase solar system.

Vivienne Rodgers – Clarendon, Qld

If you want the best Solar from the best people don’t look any further than Justin Bridgman & Power and LightI cannot say enough about the professionalism, consideration and friendship that Justin & everyone involved in the whole project afforded me.

I was lucky to meet Justin Bridgman at a time when I was looking for a better Solar solution than the malfunctioning system that I already had. Justin & his senior Technician travelled from north Queensland to south-east Queensland to remove our old panels and replace with a new solar system, all within a few weeks of our first phone call.

I now have a solar system that not only supplies all our daily usage but also a surplus to sell back to the energy supplier & the ability to connect to batteries.

The whole process for me was hassle free & cheaper than I expected.

Carin & Darryl Bright – Running Creek, QLD

After a false start with another solar company which left us disheartened, we spoke to Power and Light on a recommendation from Carin’s boss. Justin proved to be enthusiastic and very knowledgeable regarding solar. He was very dedicated to helping us get the best system for our needs and as close to our budget as possible.

QWNJB4H%QsCpESV9id4zSgWe chose to go off the grid for 3 main reasons.

1. We wanted to be self-sufficient

2. We did not want to pay power bills which have been steadily increasing in price

3. We live in a rural setting and the cost of getting power to the house was very expensive

The experience with Power and Light was very positive. There were challenges along the way as our setup wasn’t typical and these were met and dealt with in a careful and systematic manner to ensure the best possible outcome. Justin’s catchphrase for this job was “Let’s solve this”, and he did.

Everyone we worked with from Justin to his installers and electricians were wonderful and a pleasure to work with.

We would wholeheartedly recommend Power and Light as we were listened to, given straight forward and reliable advice kept updated and in the loop as to how things were progressing, and treated as more than just a client. Put simply … we mattered.

We are loving our off-grid system and looking forward to many years of hassle-free solar and a great working relationship with all the team.